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Odroid + mass storage

Multi-purpose performance compute with mass storage

This example supports server applications combining the Odroid XU4 board and 2.5" SATA mass storage


Hardware shown

  • Baseplate from Tablet Frame Kit for Raspberry Pi and Arduino, by Novel Design Lab

  • Odroid XU4

  • 2.5" SATA disk drive, 7mm-9.5mm z-height

  • ELUTENG SATA USB3 Adapter L Type for 2.5 SATA III External Hard Drive

  • Left-side Odroid XU4 adapter, by Novel Design Lab ( DIY 3D print file here)

  • Drive mount, two side rails, by Novel Design Lab (DIY 3D print file here)

  • Drive cover, by Novel Design Lab (DIY 3D print file here)

  • Miscellaneous items: microSD card


Recommendations for installation on Odroid XU4

Installed on tablet:

  • Network browser app pre-installed on tablet (e.g. Silk, Chrome, etc.)

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