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Tablet connection to Single Board Computer

The Novel Design Lab Tablet Frame system is based on IoT methodology where wireless hand-held devices are used to control appliances with with embedded compute.

The section below illustrates several possible configurations for connecting your tablet to your SBC.   Links to use case examples are provided.

Single Board Computer
WiFI access point software installed on SBC (wlan0)
Ethernet or 2nd WiFi adapter (wlan1)
Local network
wlan0      (no access point)
ArduinoDroid app installed on tablet
USB OTG cable

1. Direct connection to access point on SBC

  • Tablet's WiFi adapter is connected to SSID of access point installed on SBC.  Access point installation instructions for Raspberry Pi:

  • Communications via VNC (VNC server installed on SBC; VNC client installed on tablet) or web app installed on SBC accessed by web browser on tablet.

  • Links to example use cases:

Scratch Pad- Pi Zero (VNC)

RACHEL portable (web app)

2. Direct connection, plus LAN/Internet access

  • Same as #1 above with additional network adapter on SBC connected to LAN:

    • Ethernet connected to router

    • Secondary WiFi adapter connected to SSID of LAN

3. Connection via LAN, with Internet access

  • Both SBC and tablet are connected to SSID of LAN.  

  • Communications via VNC or web app

  • Example use case: Automation station (web app)

4. Connection to Arduino via USB OTG cable

  • For programming the Arduino with ArduinoDroid app installed on the tablet

  • Arduino connected to tablet's USB port via USB OTG cable

  • Use case example: Sketch Pad- Arduino

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