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Sketch Pad- Arduino

Arduino Uno, ArduinoDroid mobile app. Arduino powered by tablet.

This example creates a low-cost, stand-alone, portable, Arduino experimentation platform. The Arduino is powered and programmed directly from the tablet using the ArduinoDroid app on Google Play Store. Amazon fire tablets can be used, but requires installation of Google Play Store first (link to instructions provided below).


Hardware shown

  • Tablet Frame Kit for Raspberry Pi and Arduino, Model AZ8, by Novel Design Lab

  • Amazon Fire 8" tablet (2018)

  • Arduino Uno R3

  • Power supply for Arduino: Arduino is powered by Amazon tablet's USB port

  • USB cable (Type B male to micro B male left-angle)

  • 3-Ring Mini Binder, Logo, Kraft by Novel Design Lab

  • Miscellaneous items: solderless breadboard (82mm x 55mm x 8.5mm), LED's, resistors, wires


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