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MIDI Hardware Player

R-Pi, USB MIDI interface, Reaper music workstation software. Low-cost dedicated hardware synth player.

This example creates a low-cost DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that can be dedicated to MIDI sequence playback for hardware synthesizers or used as a general MIDI/audio workstation. It can be kept as a stand alone appliance, isolated from software update issues, license key issues, viruses and other problems that come up when using a multi-purpose computer for music.


Hardware shown

  • Tablet Frame Kit for Raspberry Pi and Arduino, Model SA8, by Novel Design Lab

  • Samsung A8 tablet

  • Raspberry Pi 3

  • Power supply for R-Pi: use charger from Samsung A8 tablet. USB-C to USB microB adapter required unless using Raspberry Pi 4.

  • MidiPLUS MIDI 2x2 USB MIDI interface

  • Mounting bracket for MidiPLUS interface (DIY 3D print file here)

  • Left-side R-Pi mounting adapter (DIY 3D print file here)

  • USB cable: 9" USB mini male right-angle to USB A male right angle

  • USB MIDI keyboard controller

  • MIDI synthesizer module

  • Miscellaneous items: microSD card, MIDI cable, USB cable


Installed on Raspberry Pi:

Installed on tablet:

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