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Travel in Hi-Fi

R-Pi, audiophile DAC, rechargeable battery. Lunch break, airplane, hotel room.

This example creates a low-cost, portable, stand-alone, audiophile-grade headphone player. Listen to your high-res audio files without AC power or internet access. Carry it in a 3-ring mini-binder, in your back pack, brief case or carry-on.


Hardware shown

  • Tablet Frame Kit for Raspberry Pi and Arduino, Model ON8, by Novel Design Lab

  • Walmart Onn 8" tablet (2019)

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+

  • HiFiBerry DAC+ with headphone jack

  • Power supply for R-Pi: lithium battery expansion board RPI power pack v1.2 with USB cable (v2.x not compatible)

  • 3-Ring Mini Binder, Logo, Kraft, by Novel Design Lab

  • Miscellaneous items: microSD card, USB flash drive (for high-def audio files), headphones


Installed on Raspberry Pi:

  • Volumio (Raspberry Pi version)

  • Set up: the typical Volumio set-up is internet-connected via LAN for media streaming or access to shared storage. This project example uses Volumio in stand-alone configuration with the tablet connected to a WiFi access point created by the Volumio software installed on the R-Pi. When the R-Pi is powered-up, it'll present the WiFi network "Volumio". Set the tablet's WiFi connection to this network and use the network browser app (e.g. Chrome or other browser typically pre-installed on your tablet) to connect to IP address (assigned to the R-Pi by Volumio). The Volumio login password is "volumio2". For more information, see the Volumio installation instructions

Installed on tablet:

  • Network browser app pre-installed on tablet (e.g. Chrome, etc.)

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