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Compact, portable podcast recording and uploading studio. Low-cost, dedicated appliance.

This example creates a portable podcast recording and uploading studio featuring Audacity audio software. Amazon Fire tablet provides display, keyboard and mouse functions, connected to a WiFi access point installed on the R-Pi. Remote control is provided via VNC software (VNC server on R-Pi; VNC client on tablet).


Hardware shown

  • Tablet Frame Kit for Raspberry Pi and Arduino, Model AZ8, by Novel Design Lab

  • Amazon Fire 8" tablet (2019)

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

  • Power supply for R-Pi: lithium battery expansion board RPI power pack v1.2 with USB cable (v2.x not compatible)

  • Battery cover for Tablet Frame Kit, by Novel Design Labs (DIY 3D print file here)

  • Miscellaneous items: USB microphone, headphones, microSD card


Installed on Raspberry Pi:

Installed on tablet:

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